Emergency Plan



If an Emergency occurs is your House of Worship, Church or business prepared? Creating emergency action plans, documenting procedures, and training staff and volunteers on what to do in various situations, circumstances and scenarios can be challenging. However, this training and level of preparedness is what calms the storm and has the potential of saving lives. An emergency action plan should cover but not be limited to the following:


› Security training

› Evacuation plans

› Fire drills

› Active shooter

› Lock down procedures

› Bomb threat

› Medical emergency

› Power outages

› Severe weather

› Natural disaster


Carefully planning safe and appropriate reaction can calm congregations and prevent fear and panic. With scheduled training by certified personnel on de-escalation techniques and prioritized lists of emergency supplies; response kits and skilled personnelwill be ready to take action. This provides churches and houses of worship with the best scenarios for success.


It is an honor to serve an a privilege to train


Train to maintain…….Not to complain!!!